Сompany Data

"SINA-AGRO" company is included into a group of companies of JSC "SINA-PLAST". JSC "SINA-PLAST" has represented leading factories of mechanical engineering of the Peoples Republic of China in the markets of Russia and the CIS for10 years.

"SINA-AGRO" company is specialized on the complex equipment for poultry farms. "SINA-AGRO" company is a representative of the 41st Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation mainly engaged in development and manufacturing of electronic measuring devices and some leading Chinese factories manufacturing equipment for poultry industry. Factory “Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co.” Ltd is an affiliated company of the 41st Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation. The company has been specializing on designing, manufacturing and service of the complex incubatory equipment of “EI” series, the floor breeding equipment for broilers of “EI” series, accessories and also integrated breeding equipment for poultry farming since 1982. In 1998 the company passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certification. The Conformity Certificate of the European Union EU has been given to the breeding systems developed by “Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co.” Ltd. The integrate breeding system is the only product in China that passed the Quality System Certification.

Company "SINA-AGRO" offers you the following equipment:

1. The Complex Incubatory Equipment of “EI” Series:

2. The Complex Floor Breeding Equipment for Broilers:

  • Automatic Feed Supply System
  • Automatic Feeding System
  • Watering System
  • Ventilation System
  • Heating System
  • Lighting System
  • Climate Control System

3. Equipment for Poultry Industry:

  • Equipment for Parent Flock Breeding
  • Equipment for Replacement Chick Breeding

Programmers of the factory render services for individual software of a climate control system on request of a customer.

The Peoples Republic of China takes the II place in the market of poultry meat production in the world owing to colossal experience of the Chinese experts in the field of poultry industry.

“EI” series equipment is a new generation product, based on its technical advantages, new techniques and materials. The “EI” series equipment is made from high-quality and non-polluting materials for improvement of incubatory results and reduction of labour input.

70% of domestic market is occupied by incubatory and breeding equipment of “EI” series and it exported to Japan, Southern/Northern Korea, Austria, Russia, Denmark, CIS countries, Cambodia, Egypt, Cuba and Guinea.