Tunnel Incubator

The cabinet structure: 

  • insert-jointed panels consisting of color-coated galvanized steel plates and insulated core plates 
  • The facade of the cabinet is polished 
  • Increased insulation resistance of the turn-side panels


  • temperature control 
  • combination control of humidity and temperature 
  • display of temperature history 
  • alarming signals 
  • password protection

Trolley : 

  • polished anti-corrosive surface 
  • pneumatic egg-turning mechanism 
  • easy entrance and exit for closely linked trolleys 
  • shockproof trolley structure

Air ventilation: 

  • modernized ventilation system to keep comfort temperature inside
  • Humidifying system 
  • air damper provides for required humidity level inside

Water treatment 

  • perfect water-treating technology reduces nozzle clogs

Major parameters:

  • capacity: 90720
  • quantity of egg trolley:12
  • apparent power: 7.0 or 9.7 KW
  • power supply requirement: 380/220 VAC 50 Hz
  • insulation resistance: ≥ 2M
  • dimensions: 8340x3120x2600(mm)
  • temperature control range:31.5~39ºС
  • humidity control range: 40~80%RH
  • egg turnover timing: 60 min
  • egg turnover angle: 43±2º


  • modernized cabinet structure 
  • combination control of humidity and temperature 
  • easy cleaning and disinfection 
  • egg-turning detection mechanism examining egg positions 
  • power, floor space and labor saving