Multi-stage Incubator (Capacity 90720)

Control system: 

  • group-control system 
  • monitoring simultaneously the running of up to 200 incubators from a host computer 
  • the LCD module for the large display screen facilitates and graphic features 
  • two independent control systems IC and thermostat 
  • the water heating and cooling functions 
  • temperature sensor AD590 
  • temperature control device 
  • humidity sensor HS1101

Cabinet structure: 

  • sandwich panels 
  • fiberglass 
  • plastic 
  • extruded polystyrene

Ventilation system: 

  • six IP55 motors
  • phase-loss protection board 
  • agitating-fan supporter

Humidifying system: 

  • humidifying solenoid

Egg-turning system: 

  • egg-turning driving mechanism is made from pneumatic components 
  • couplers 
  • egg rack made from hot galvanized steel 
  • 6” caster for an egg rack 
  • curtains for the egg racks are made from polycarbonate 
  • magnetic switches for egg-turning detectors

Damper system: 

  • damper motor and the non-contact detection switch

Water-treating device (option): 

  • water-treatment device is based on the reverse osmosis technology which purifies water to drinkable level 

Major parameters:

  • capacity: 90720
  • quantity of egg trolley:12
  • apparent power: 7.0 or 9.7 KW
  • power supply requirement: 380/220 VAC 50 Hz
  • insulation resistance: ≥ 2M
  • dimensions: 8340x3120x2600(mm)
  • temperature control range:31.5~39ºС
  • humidity control range: 40~80%RH
  • egg turnover timing: 60 min
  • egg turnover angle: 43±2º


  • automatic temperature control 
  • remote control of incubators 
  • secure incubation period 
  • strength and safety of the cabinet structure 
  • homeostasis test of fan blades 
  • fogging humidification 
  • easy movement of egg-racks 
  • vacuum-sealing of the cabinet 
  • waterproof curtains for egg-racks 
  • reliability of incubatory systems