Incubatory Equipment

  • Tunnel Incubator

    The “EI” second-generation Series Intelligent Control Tunnel Incubator is a new type of incubating facility developed by Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. to meet the users' requirements with its technical advantages. It has been enhanced to a great extent in control, operation, reliability and appearance.

  • Multi-stage Incubator (Capacity 90720)

    The incubator group-control system (option) can monitor simultaneously the running of up to 200 incubators from a host computer.
    It is equipped with two independent control systems (IC and thermostat system) ensures incubation safety. The design of 6” casters makes the egg racks easy to move by operators.

  • Single-stage incubator of “EI”

    Single-stage incubator of “EI” series with “Fuzzy Control” system EIFDMS-19200 & EICDMS-19200.