Heating System

Technical Specification

Output: 95 kW 324,000 BTU
Gas connection: 3/4"
Gas consumption:
Natural gas L:
±9,2 m³/h
Natural gas H: ±7,8 m³/h
Propane: ± 6,8 kg/h
Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz 650 W
Power consumption: IA / IN  ± 13,2A / 3,1 A
Air circulation Ventilate: ± 5000 m3/h 
Heating: ± 6500 m3/h
Throw: ± 40 m
Materials Mantle:
Burner chamber
Stainless steel 430
Stainless steel 430
PPE (Ambient temperature -10 to 60°C)
The materials used are capable of withstanding maximum loads.
Length: 115 cm 3’ 9.3”
Width (Total): 59 cm 1’ 11.2”
Height: ø 48,4 cm 1’ 7”
Weight: ±36,8 kg 81.1 lbs (5.8 stone)

System Information

The combination of ventilator for air, gas regulator for gas and a short ignition ensures a good

Safety devices are built in to prevent dangerous situations and to prevent damage to the appliance: 

  1. A wind vane which checks for sufficient airflow 
  2. The burner is being checked by means of ionization 
  3. Two class-A gas valves for a certain shut down of gas flow 
  4. Overheat sensors for appliance and ventilator 
  5. The burner control unit (BCU) checks and controls all connected components. Functioning and errors are signalized.