System of Climate and Breeding Control

The EI-1201 electrical control cabinet is used with EI-2000 fowl house environment controller to realize automatic control over electrical devices in the complete breeding system for poultry house. It may be used separately to enable manual control as well

Functions and Technical Specifications of the control cabinet:

  1. Automatic/stop/manual functions for all control circuits; 
  2. Operating status indication function for all control circuits; 
  3. Emergency Stop function; 
  4. Maximum load power for Heating Circuit 1 and 2 is 3KW; 
  5. Maximum load power for evaporative cooling pad and water pump circuit is 1.1KW; 
  6. Maximum load power for Damper and Evaporative Cooling Pad circuit is 0.55KW; 
  7. Maximum load power for Feed Supply Circuit is 0.75KW; 
  8. Maximum load power for Clean Circuit 1~3 is 2.2KW; 
  9. Maximum load power for every phase of Light Circuit is 5KW; 
  10. Short, phase loss and overload protection functions for all control circuits.


EI-2000 poultry climate control system

EI-2000 poultry climate control system consists of EI-2000 poultry climate controller, computer terminals, the remote monitor center, the ERP report handling system. The main purpose is control and improvement of environmental conditions in poultry houses.

  1. The poultry house climate controller: the working principle is collecting of data related to temperature, humidity, ammonia density, static pressure and water supply volume and field images through computer terminals to control the heater, wet curtain, fans, feed supply/feeding system, wet curtain opening, air curtain opening and annunciation system, thus realizing automatic control over temperature, humidity, ventilation, water supply, feed supply, alarm and lighting. 
  2. Computer Terminal: the main functions are receipt, transference of demands from the remote server, conduction of real-time monitoring over the working status of the equipment inside the poultry house, printing and continuation of history records automatically. 
  3. Remote Monitor Center: the main functions are real-time monitoring over parameters of every climate controller within the network, imitation of the operation of the equipment in animated forms and overseeing of the state of the flock inside every poultry house.